Dutch Open 2012

Posted by admin on the 9th of December 2011.

Call for Participation
RoboCup Dutch Open 2012


April 25-29, 2012 (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

We are happy to announce the RoboCup Dutch Open 2012, which will be organized
from April 25 – 29 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Eindhoven is located in the
Brainport region, which is lately voted to be the ‘smartest region of the
world’. The city and region of Eindhoven host several technical educational
institutions as well as high-tech industries.

The RoboCup Dutch Open will organize international competitions in several
RoboCup Senior and Junior leagues. The competitions will be organized in the
indoor sports center in the city of Eindhoven and will be accompanied by
robotics demonstrations and a company-fair.

For teams, high-speed internet and free lunch will be provided. Furthermore,
hotels in a wide variety of classes are available. The city of Eindhoven can
be reached by car, train as well as by plane. On the website http://
www.robocupdutchopen.org you can find more information regarding the location,
hotels and the event.

=== RoboCup Senior Leagues ===

The RoboCup Dutch Open will host the following senior leagues:

- RoboCup Middle-Size League
- RoboCup Humanoid League (Adult size)
- RoboCup Simulation Leagues (2D, 3D, rescue agents, virtual robots)
- RoboCup @Home League
- RoboCup Standard Platform League (demo)

=== RoboCup Junior Leagues ===

Besides the senior leagues, the following junior leagues will be organized at
the RoboCup Dutch Open:
- Soccer challenge
- Rescue challenge

=== Indication of Interest ===

All interested teams are requested to send an email to the local organizer (
A.Visser@uva.nl) with the following information:

<competition> [the competition you like to participate] </competition>
<name> [your team name here] </name>
<affiliation> [your team affiliation here] </affiliation>
<nation> [nationality] </nation>
<home> [link of your team web page here] </home>
<name> [team leader name here] </name>
<email> [team leader email] </email>
<address> [team leader address] </address>
<members> [number of your team members (including the leader)] </members>
Please sent your indication of interest directly. This information will be
used to keep you up to date. No problem if you decline later (but please keep
us informed).

=== Registration ===

The registration for the senior and junior leagues will open on December 15,
2011. To register, please visit the website http://www.robocupdutchopen.org/
registration. The website contains more information regarding the
registration, the fee and the conditions. The deadline for registration is ***
February 1, 2012 ***. You can update your registration information through the
website until the deadline.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Eindhoven.

On behalf of the organizing committee.

Best Regards,

Arnoud Visser, Luis Paulo Reis, Sander van Dijk and Roel Merry