Announcement of 2012 Projects for Promoting RoboCup

Posted by admin on the 3rd of June 2012.

The following project proposals were accepted and are invited to present a poster at the 2012 RoboCup Symposium:

Jacky Baltes Winter School for Humanoid Robotics

Sven Behnke Humanoid TeenSize Open Platform

Bernardo Cunha An Electronic Device for the Support of Referee Actions within MSL

Nico Hochgeschwender, Walter Nowak, Gerhard K. Kraetzschmar RoboCup@Work Camp 2012

Alexander Kleiner, Sarvapali Ramchurn, Alessandro Farinelli Rescue Simulator Advancement

Daniel Seifert, Heinrich Mellmann Design and Implementation of a Communication Protocol to support Mixed Teams

Gerald Steinbauer, Johannes Pellenz A Standard Robotic Software Architecture for RoboCupRescue based on ROS

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