1st Workshop on Developments in RoboCup Leagues – CALL FOR PAPERS

Posted by aprilf on the 13th of October 2013.



November, 25th, 2013 – Montevideo, Uruguay


Submission deadline: October, 21st, 2013




RoboCup was founded in 1997 with the main goal of “developing by 2050 a Robot Soccer team capable of winning against the human team champion of the FIFA World Cup”. In the next years, RoboCup proposed several soccer platforms that have been established as standard platforms for robotics research. This domain demonstrated the capability of capturing key aspects of complex real world problems, stimulating the developmentof a wide range of technologies, including the design of electrical-mechanical-computational integrated techniques for autonomous robots. After more than 15 years of RoboCup, nowadays robot soccer represents only a part of the available platforms. RoboCup encompasses more than 15 major leagues that, in addition to Soccer, cover Rescue (Robots and Simulation), @Home (assistive robots in home environments), Festo Logistics League and @Work (Industrial environments), as well as RoboCupJunior leagues for kids. These domains offer a wide range of platforms for researchers with the potential to speed up the developments in the mobile robotics field. Thisworkshop aims to discuss the advances of the electrical, mechanical and computational aspects of robotics based on RoboCup platforms.





This workshop aims to present the state-of-the-art concerning Robotics and Artificial Intelligence developmentsbased on RoboCup leagues platforms. All papers are required to demonstrate strong relationship with RoboCup platforms. Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:


- RoboCup Soccer

- RoboCup Rescue

- RoboCup Junior

- Mobile and humanoid robots

- Robots for RoboCup real and simulated leagues

- Electronics, sensors and embedded devices

- Mechanics, materials and mechanisms

- Software, environments, programming and languages

- Robot cognition, learning, planning and reasoning

- Localization, navigation and mapping

- Motors, sensors and environment modeling

- Robot kinematics and dynamics

- Robot perception, reasoning and action

- Multi-robot systems

- Human-robot interaction

- Robotics in education and entertainment

- Algorithms and techniques extension for novel applications


(*) Specific contributions on RoboCup@home are encouraged to be submitted to the RoboCup@home workshopin ICAR.






- Esther Luna Colombini, UNESP/FEI, Brazil

- Alexandre da Silva Simões, UNESP, Brazil

- Daniele Nardi, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy


- Flavio Tonidandel, FEI, Brazil

- Reinaldo Augusto da Costa Bianchi, FEI, Brazil

- Luiz Celiberto Jr., FEI, Brazil





- Alexandre da Silva Simões, UNESP, Brazil

- Andrique Amorim, Col. N.S.Fátima, Brazil

- Angelo Gurzoni Junior, USP, Brazil

- Antonio Padilha, UnB, Brazil

- Carmen Faria, UFES, Brazil

- Cristiane Pelisolli Cabral, SMED-POA, Brazil

- Eduardo Bento Pereira, UFSJ, Brazil

- Erivelton Nepomuceno, UFSJ, Brazil

- Esther Luna Colombini, UNESP/FEI, Brazil

- Daniele Nardi, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy

- Felipe Nascimento Martins, IFES, Brazil

- Fernando Sobreira, UNIFOR, Brazil

- Flavio Tonidandel, FEI, Brazil

- Guilherme Sousa Bastos, UNIFEI, Brazil

- João Alberto Fabro, UTFPR, Brazil

- Josemar Rodrigues de Souza, UNEB, Brazil

- Luiz Celiberto Jr., FEI, Brazil

- Luiz Marcos Garcia Gonçalves, UFRN, Brazil

- Marco Simões, UNEB, Brazil

- Marcos Vallim, UTFPR, Brazil

- Reinaldo Augusto da Costa Bianchi, FEI, Brazil

- Rogério Gonçalves, UFU, Brazil

- Roseli Francelin Romero, USP-SC, Brazil

- Silvia Silva da Costa Botelho, FURG, Brazil

- Tiago Pereira do Nascimento, UFPB, Brazil





- Publication policy: Papers accepted for publication will be published in WDLR proceedings with ISBN by RoboCup Brazil. PDF containing the full paper contributions will be published in a proceedings booklet at theworkshop site.

- Style: Papers should be submitted in PDF format with no passwords or encryption. Authors are asked to provide manuscripts in english using exclusively the workshop style, available in the website in MS-Word and LaTeX. Papers submitted in discordance with provided styles or language will be rejected. Submitted papers should not exceed 10 pages and should not be shorter than 5 pages. Papers are allowed to include authors information (not blind review policy).

- Submission: Papers should be submitted by e-mail to wdrl2013@robocup.org.br until the midnight of the deadline (Pacific time).





The co-alocated Tutorial on RoboCup Leagues aims to present RoboCup leagues platforms – simulated and real robots – for undergraduate students, graduate students and researchers. Topics include: RoboCup goals and history; RoboCup main leagues overview; Rules, goals, key challenges and ongoing research; Case study: typical evolution of RoboCup leagues in electrical, mechanical and computational aspects; The next steps in RoboCup: research tendencies for the next years. Speakers: Alexandre da Silva Simões (UNESP, Brazil), Esther Luna Colombini (UNESP/FEI, Brazil), Daniele Nardi (Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy).





- Full Paper Submission: October 21st, 2013

- Acceptance Notification: October 25th, 2013

- Final Paper Submission: November 1st, 2013

- Workshop and Tutorial Day: November 25th, 2013





WRLD 2013 and tutorial will take place with the 16th International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR) in the School of Engineering, Universidad de la Republica del Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay. Website:http://www.icar2013.org





For further questions, please contact: wdrl2013@robocup.org.br