Regulations & Rules

The regulations provided in this page constitute official regulations of RoboCup games, administered by The RoboCup Federation. The initial regulations were drafted in 1994. Several revisions were made from technical and logistical point of view meanwhile. The basis of the current regulation was drafted in the 1996 version of the RoboCup regulations, and is modified every year for RoboCup World Championship games. Currently, rule revisions for RoboCup are under discussion. The most up-to-date rules per league are available for your reference below.

RoboCup Policy of Rule changes
RoboCup’s rules change in order to promote advances in the science and technology of robots and to make the league challenges closer to real world, rather than to impose artificial setups to improve league specific performance. They are reviewed annually by each league technical committee, and discussed with participants and other knowledgeable researchers in the field to draft out new rules. Regularly roadmaps for 5-10 years are discussed and are used as reference for yearly rule changes.

Rules for Each League
The league Technical Committee is the official body for discussion and decision about rules and other long-term issues for each league. Current rules and discussions are maintained in the web-site of each league committee:



  • Simulation League 
  • Small-Size League
  • Middle-Size League
  • Standard Platform League
  • Humanoid League


  • Rescue Simulation League
  • Rescue Robot League

  • RoboCup@Home Rules

  • RoboCupJunior Rules


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