Global Contact:

For any inquery about RoboCup, unified contact is available at

e-Mail: april (dot) robocup (at) gmail (dot) com

For Site Application for

RoboCup World Championship:

Please submit a proposal for hosting the RoboCup World Championship event in year 20xx at your site.

RoboCup Local Event:

Please submit an proposal for organizing the RoboCup Local Events in your vicinity.

RoboCup Offices:

Head Office: Bern Switzerland

The RoboCup Federation is an international non-profit organization with its legal office in Bern, Switzerland.

Postal Addresses:

For various aspects of operations, we have a globally distributed operation. However, the following two contact points are often useful to those who need postal addresses:

Operational Headquarters and President’s Office:

*Legal documents should be sent here.

Ituski Noda, President

Inter Group Bldg., 2F

3-20-1, Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka

531-0072 Japan

Tel +81-6-6376-2963

Fax +81-6-6372-5025



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