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Toyota and Softbank Robotics are selected for @Home Standard Platform

Posted by noda on the 15th of July 2016.
RoboCup Federation selected Toyota's HSR and Softbank Robotics's Pepper as the standard platforms for RoboCup@Home. The first competition using these platforms will be held at RoboCup-2017 Nagoya in addition to the established competition, which continues to be open for general robot platforms.

RoboCup Supports Robotics Education Worldwide

Posted by aprilf on the 24th of June 2016.

RoboParty is an educational robotics event, where youngsters learn hands-on how to build a mobile and autonomous robot from scratch (electronics, mechanics, programming), guided by professionals, in a relaxed environment with ludic/sports activities. In the end, the participants keep the robot for themselves to continue their learning process and for participating in robotics events, like RoboCup or other national/regional competitions. .... Read More


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