Proposals for Organization of RoboCup Events

1. Proposals for RoboCup Annual event
2. Proposals for RoboCup Related Events

Proposals for RoboCup Annual Event

A proposer of RoboCup annual event shall prepare a proposal document that includes the following items:
  • Dates
    • dates of competitions, symposiums, and preparation
      • which days and hours participants can enter the venue?
      • which days and hours visitors can enter the venue?
    • relation with schedules to other conferences and events
      • major conferences on robotics, artificial intelligence and multi-agents
      • large sports events (Olympics and World Cups) and festivals
  • Locations and Venues
    • transportation
      • ease of reaching the venue city
      • plan to handle custom issues to transport robots
      • plan to handle immigration of participants
      • possible issues on visa
    • accommodation
      • list of hotels and dormitories (especially for junior)
    • tentative floor plans for leagues and symposiums
      • enough spaces?
      • easy to transport among leagues
  • Financial Plan
    • budget plan
    • support from local and national governments
      • certification letters
    • list of sponsors
      • confirmed
      • candidates
  • Organization
    • legal entity that will sign the contract with the RoboCup Federation
      • person who signs the contract must be responsible to finance
    • people who have experience organizing big RoboCup-related events (for example, Open events) must be involved
    • committees, committee members, and their experiences in RoboCup and organizing events
  • Potential impact on region(s) in research and education
    • existing RoboCup activities (major, junior)
Each proposal must be submitted between February 15, year N-3 and February 15, year N-2. The proposals will be carefully evaluated and voted on by the Board of Trustee of the RoboCup Federation.

Proposals for RoboCup Related Events

RoboCup Related Events are those organized by the RoboCup Regional committees.
The committee must submit a proposal to Trustees to be approved following the instructions below.
Please allow at least 3 weeks for the decision. Therefore, such a proposal must be submitted to events[at]robocup[dot]org as early as possible and not later than 3 weeks before the first public announcement of the event.

A proposer for a RoboCup related event shall prepare a proposal document that includes, at least, the following items:
  • Name of the event
    • History of the event (reports and photos from previous events)
  • Website
  • Venue
    • Pavillion
    • City
    • Region/Country
  • Dates
    • Setup days
    • Competitions/Challenges
    • Optional Trainning for participantes
    • Optional Training for Teachers/Mentors
    • Other activities
    • Open to public
  • Organizing Chair (name / Institution)
    • Contact: Email, Telephone, address
  • Organizing Committee
    • List names for all tasks/leagues related with organization
  • RoboCup Leagues in contest
    • Major Leagues
    • Junior Leagues
    • Other competitions
  • Participation and Fees
    • Registration price Major
    • Registration price Junior
    • Price for public
    • Other pricing information (Hall, discounts, etc.)
  • Relation to RoboCup Federation
    • Shall the event be announced by the RoboCup Federation
    • Support to/from RoboCup Federation
    • Endorsement of the proposed event by any RoboCup Regional Committee that covers the location of the event.
  • Expected number of participants/Teams
    • Participants in previous editions
  • Program schedule
    • Dates/Activities
  • Setup of the Event
    • minimum description of area for working areas, leagues competition, and other spaces
  • Transportation information
    • By car
    • By airplane
    • By train
  • List of accommodation places (with different level of prices)
    • Hotel
    • Youths
  • Sponsors
    • Co-Organizers
    • Partners
    • Golden Sponsors
    • Sponsors
    • Government Support
  • Potential impact on region(s) in research and education
    • Number of participants
    • Where they come from