Regional Committees

A sufficiently large number of teams, researchers and teachers from any nation, group of nations, or nation-sized region (henceforth “region”) with significant past and current RoboCup participation is invited to form a “RoboCup Regional Committee.”

The purposes of Regional Committees are to
  1. Promote RoboCup within your region.
  2. Organize local RoboCup events and RoboCup opens.
  3. Manage qualification for RoboCup leagues when slots are limited.
  4. Maintain RoboCup standards for scientific research and education within your region and uphold the RoboCup mission of sharing advances through friendly competition.
  5. Maintain an English website to be linked to the main RoboCup website describing the RoboCup activities in your region.
  6. Ensuring proper user of RoboCup emblems (names and logos) in your region.

For details, please refer to  RoboCup Regional Committees

Current RoboCup Regional Committees are listed below.





  • South African Regional Committee, since 2010


For RoboCupJunior Representatives, go to the RoboCupJunior home page.