RoboCupRescue - Robot
The goal of the urban search and rescue (USAR) robot competitions is to increase awareness of the challenges involved in search and rescue applications, provide objective evaluation of robotic implementations in representative environments, and promote collaboration between researchers. It requires robots to demonstrate their capabilities in mobility, sensory perception, planning, mapping, and practical operator interfaces, while searching for simulated victims in unstructured environments.


Executive Committee Technical Committee Organizing Committee
Stefan May Xieyuanli Chen Johannes Pellenz
Ann Virts Martin Oehler Kamel Saidi
Masayuki Okugawa

League Awards

Year Team Award Event
2019 Shinobi 1st Place RoboCup 2019
2019 Irap Sechzig 2nd Place RoboCup 2019
2019 Hector Darmstadt 3rd Place RoboCup 2019
2018 iRAP ROBOT 1st Place RoboCup 2018
2018 MRL 2nd Place RoboCup 2018
2018 Nexis-R 3rd Place RoboCup 2018
2017 YRA 1st Place RoboCup 2017
2017 iRAP ROBOT 2nd Place RoboCup 2017
2017 MRL 3rd Place RoboCup 2017
2016 iRAP ROBOT 1st Place RoboCup 2016
2016 MRL 2nd Place RoboCup 2016
2016 GETbot 3rd Place RoboCup 2016


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