RoboParty 2024

From   21 Mar 2024  To   23 Mar 2024
 University of Minho - Sports Pavillion (Azurém)
RoboParty is a pedagogical event that brings together teams of 4 people, for 3 days and two nights (bring your sleeping bag) to teach how to build autonomous mobile robots in a simple and fun way, guided by qualified professionals. Initially, a short training is given (to learn how to get started in Electronics, robot programming, and mechanical engineering), then a robotic kit developed by and University of Minho is given, to be assembled by the participants (mechanics, electronics, and programming) and at the end of the event it belongs to the team. All teams have a tutor with robotic knowledge to help in the construction and programming of the robot. Running in parallel there are other recreational activities such as sports, music, internet, games, parties, etc. Each participant brings his sleeping bag and stays there throughout the event. The RoboParty is identical to a LANParty and also works 24h / 24h but has a pedagogical and educational purpose. Participants will also be given the chance to learn the rules of most national and international robotic competitions so that they can participate.