RoboCup Data Sets

RoboCup community produced a significant effort to build data sets that are useful for many robotics applications. This page provides an overview of the data sets developed by RoboCup teams in different leagues. The list is in reverse order, i.e., the newest dataset is listed first. We also provide additional links and tools to create data sets.

Pre 2019 data sets:
Additional links and tools to create data sets:
  • Generating a dataset for learning setplays from demonstration. Marco A. C. Simões, Jadson Nobre, Gabriel Sousa, Caroline Souza, Robson M. Silva, Jorge Campos, Josemar R. Souza & Tatiane Nogueira, 2021

  • Chen, D. L. and Mooney, R. J. (2008). Learning to sportscast: a test of grounded language acquisition. In Proceedings of the 25th international conference on Machine learning, pages 128–135. ACM