Past Events

Virtual RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2020 Competition

From     08 Oct 2020   To     12 Oct 2020
Virtual RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2020 (Virtual RCAP 2020)
8-12 October 2020

Call for Participation

Regular Registration: 01 - 21 August 2020
Late Registration: 22 - 28 August 2020

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RoboParty 2020

From     09 Jul 2020   To     11 Jul 2020
RoboParty consists of a large project for teaching youths to build mobile robots, in order to attract their attention to science and technology. It helps new teams (beginners) to build their own robot, show participants the most relevant robotics competitions, and gives them knowledge to participate in the RoboCup Regional Opens, and further in time, to participate on RoboCup. It will take place in University of Minho - Sports Pavilion – Guimaraes – Portugal.
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RoboCup Russia Open 2020

From     16 Apr 2020   To     19 Apr 2020
To promote the RoboCup initiative in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, RoboCup Russia Open 2020 will be held at Dvoretz Zrelish & Sporta, Krasnoarmeyskaya, 126, City: Tomsk, Russian Federation during April 16 2020 to April 19 2020
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RoboCup Japan Open 2020 Aichi

From     20 Mar 2020   To     22 Mar 2020
To foster AI and intelligent robotic research, RoboCup Japan Open 2020 Aichi will be held at Aichi Sky Expo, Aichi, Japan during March 20, 2020 to 22 March, 2020.
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RoboCup Asia Pacific 2019

Brazil Open 2019

From     22 Oct 2019   To     26 Oct 2019
The event includes competitions from at least six RoboCup Leagues.
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RoboCup 2019

From     02 Jul 2019   To     08 Jul 2019
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European RoboCupJunior Championship 2019

From     21 Jun 2019   To     23 Jun 2019
2nd European RoboCupJunior Championship
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German Open 2019

From     03 May 2019   To     05 May 2019
The RoboCup German Open 2019 will be the 17th open RoboCup competition held in Germany. The event will take place in Magdeburg at MESSE MAGDEBURG.
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RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2018

From     05 Dec 2018   To     10 Dec 2018
2nd RoboCup Asia-Pacific
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RoboCup 2018

From     16 Jun 2018   To     22 Jun 2018

The 22nd RoboCup International Competition and Symposium

The 22nd RoboCup International Competition and Symposium will take place in Montreal, Canada on June 16-22,  2018.
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European RoboCupJunior Championship 2018

From     29 May 2018   To     01 Jun 2018
First European RoboCupJunior Championship will be organized in Montesilvano (PE), Italy from May 29th to June 1st, 2018. The goal of this event is to provide an international competition for European RoboCupJunior teams.
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German Open 2018

From     27 Apr 2018   To     29 Apr 2018
The RoboCup German Open 2018 will be the 16th open RoboCup competition held in Germany. The event will take place in Magdeburg at MESSE MAGDEBURG.

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RoboCup IranOpen 2018

From     03 Apr 2018   To     07 Apr 2018
Call For Participation

RoboCup IranOpen 2018

April 03 - 07

The 13th RoboCup IranOpen competitions will be held in April 03-07, 2018.

RoboCup IranOpen is an attempt to further promote AI and Robotics research. These competitions will provide a chance for all researchers to present and share their experiences and achievements.

All teams are required to pre-register through the online form available in the website. The pre-registered teams...
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RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2017

From     12 Dec 2017   To     18 Dec 2017
The First RoboCup Asia-Pacific in Bangkok, Thailand.
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RoboCup 2017

From     25 Jul 2017   To     31 Jul 2017
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RoboCupJunior Italian Open 2017

From     26 May 2017   To     28 Apr 2017
RoboCupJunior Italian Open 2017 gathers schools, research centres, universities, firms and organizations, during three days full of robot competitions, seminars and workshops. Robotics, new technology and innovation will be the main themes of the event.
The event will include RoboCupJunior Soccer and Rescue and RoboCup@Home Education competitions and it is open to international teams.

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RoboCup Russia Open 2017

From     17 May 2017   To     19 May 2017
RoboCup Russia Open 2017, is held in Tomsk.
Registration is Free.
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German Open 2017

From     05 May 2017   To     07 May 2017
The RoboCup German Open 2017 will be the 15th open RoboCup competition held in Germany.
The event will take place in Magdeburg at MESSE MAGDEBURG.

RoboCup Major Leagues (international teams)

Competitions are offered in the following leagues:
- RoboCupSoccer Standard Platform League
- RoboCupSoccer Humanoid League (Kid-Size)
- RoboCupRescue Robot League
- RoboCup@Home League
- RoboCupIndustrial Logistics League
- RoboCupIndustrial RoboCup@Work League

The registration opens *** 15 October 2016...
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RoboCup U.S. Open 2017

From     28 Apr 2017   To     29 Apr 2017
RoboCup U.S. Open 2017
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Robótica 2017 - Festival Nacional de Robótica

From     26 Apr 2017   To     30 Apr 2017
Welcome to the official website of Robotica 2017. The next edition of this event will take place in Coimbra, on April 26th to 30th, 2017, promoted by the University of Coimbra and the Portuguese Robotics Society. Robotica 2017 includes the IEEE International Conference on Autonomous Robot Systems and Competitions (ICARSC 2017), the XVII Portuguese Robotics Open where robots compete, and exhibitions related to robotics.You can also follow us on Facebook ( ...
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RoboCup Iran Open 2017

From     05 Apr 2017   To     07 Apr 2017
The RoboCup IranOpen 2017 will be held at Tehran International Fair in April 5-7, 2017. Iranian RoboCup Regional Committee and Qazvin Azad University as organizers of this event are grateful to have been able to host these competitions for over a decade. We shall try to make the 2017 competitions even more enthusiastic and put all the efforts in our power to prepare an environment in which the participants would present and share their scientific achievements in the areas...
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RoboParty 2017

From     02 Mar 2017   To     04 Mar 2017
RoboParty is a well established robotics event which is held annualy since 2007. It consists of an educational/pedagogical event that gathers teams of 4 people (normally 1 adult and 3 youngsters), during 3 days, to teach how to build mobile autonomous robots (electronics, mechanics and programming) in a simple and entertaining way, supported by qualified tutors. After RoboParty, teams take the robots they built so that they can continue using it in order to continue their learning process...
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Pre-RoboCup Asia-Pacific Competition and Workshop

From     21 Oct 2016   To     25 Oct 2016
Pre-RoboCup Asia-Pacific Competition and Workshop was held on October 21-25 in Beijing, China.
The competition consisted of three RoboCup leagues: Soccer SPL, @Home and CoSpace and
participants from 8 countries successfully competed in them.
The workshop included 8 talks on RoboCup competitions and teams.

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Tutorial at IROS16: Multi-Robot Autonomy in Robot Soccer as an Adversarial Domain

From     10 Oct 2016   To     10 Oct 2016
Tutorial at IROS16

RoboCup Tutorial: Multi-Robot Autonomy in Robot Soccer as an Adversarial Domain

Date: October 10, 2016

Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Minoru Asada (Osaka University)
Manuela M. Veloso (Carnegie Mellon University)
Daniele Nardi (University of La Sapienza)
Daniel D. Lee (University of Pennsylvania)

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RoboCup 2016

From     28 Jun 2016   To     04 Jul 2016
20th International RoboCup competition
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European Open 2016

From     30 Mar 2016   To     03 Apr 2016
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Japan Open 2016

From     25 Mar 2016   To     27 Mar 2016
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Korean Open 2016

From     26 Feb 2016   To     27 Feb 2016
RoboCup Korea Open is an annual event for students from Korea and other
This time it will be held in Daegu city of South Korea. It is special place,
as a center of economy where Samsung first started its businesses with 4
UNESCO World heritage sites around the city.

And for the leagues competed during RoboCup Korea Open are as follows,
  1. Date : 26-27 Feb. 2016
  2. Venue : EXCO, Daegu, South Korea.
  3. Contact :,
  4. Event
1) RoboCupJunior...
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RoboCup 2015

From     17 Jul 2015   To     23 Jul 2015
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German Open 2015

From     24 Apr 2015   To     26 Apr 2015
International RoboCup Major League teams demonstrate the state-of-the-art in robotics with competitions in soccer, rescue and service robots.
German RoboCup Junior teams compete in the final of the 15th German RoboCup Junior Competition in three disciplines - Rescue, Soccer and Dance.
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Iran Open 2015

From     08 Apr 2015   To     10 Apr 2015
Iran Open, Tehran International Fair, Iran: 8-10 April, 2015

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Portuguese Open 2015

From     08 Apr 2015   To     12 Apr 2015
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AAAI 2015 Tutorial on RoboCup

From     26 Jan 2015   To     29 Jan 2015
The tutorial provides an overview of methods used in the RoboCup competitions in recent years. RoboCup challenges span a wide range of robotic scenarios, including autonomous soccer, search and rescue, and working in home and office environments. The speakers of this tutorial will demonstrate methods and algorithms that have been successfully deployed in these scenarios as well as discuss ongoing and future areas of interest.
The tutorial is organized in three parts that correspond to the...
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RoboCup 2014

From     19 Jul 2014   To     25 Jul 2014
The RoboCup 2014 will take place at the Convention Center “Poeta Ronaldo Cunha Lima” in João Pessoa, Brazil. Major and Junior competitions, as well as the Symposium, will be distributed in the buildings of the Convention Center Complex.
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