Internal Advisory Board

All past members of the RoboCup Federation (RCF) Executive Board and Trustees Board and past RoboCup Chairs are invited to the RCF Internal Advisory Board (IAB). Please send email to April Foster, april[dot]robocup[at]gmail[dot]com, if you are missing from this list and would like to join our IAB.

Organization of RoboCup

IAB Members

Stephen Balakirsky

Jacky Baltes

Andreas Birk

Ansgar Bredenfeld

Hans-Dieter Burkhard

Stefano Carpin

Dominique Duhaut

Ashley Green

Frans Groen

Tetsuya Kimura

Eli Kolberg

Michail Lagoudakis

Tim Laue

Daniel D. Lee
University of Pennsylvania, USA

N. Michael Mayer

Cetin Mericli

Tekin Mericli

Noriaki Mitsunaga

Daniele Nardi

Enrico Pagello

Martin Riedmiller

Thomas Roefer

Raul Rojas

Alessandro Saffiotti

Jesus Savage

Elizabeth Sklar

Satoshi Tadokoro

Brian Thomas

Tijn van der Zant

Alfredo Weitzenfeld

Franz Wotawa