Call for Participation: RoboCup 2022 Small Size League

13 Dec 2021
Call for Participation
RoboCupSoccer Small Size League
RoboCup Bangkok 2022
July 11 - 17, 2022

About the Small Size League
The RoboCup Small Size League is a part of the RoboCup Federation, focused on multi-agent coordination and control. Teams currently compete in 11 vs. 11 soccer matches (6 vs. 6 in Div. B). The robots must fit within an 18 cm diameter circle and must be no higher than 15 cm. The robots play soccer with an orange golf ball on a green carpeted field that is about 12 m long by 9 m wide.

About the qualification
To qualify for the competition, each team must submit a Team Description Paper and a video by February 1, 2022. More information on the qualification requirements and processes are located on the website.

Please direct all inquiries to the Small Size League Organizing Committee: rc-ssl-oc [at]