RoboCupSoccer - Simulation 2D
In the 2D Simulation League, two teams of eleven autonomous software programs (called agents) each play soccer in a two-dimensional virtual soccer stadium represented by a central server, called SoccerServer. This server knows everything about the game, i.e. the current position of all players and the ball, the physics and so on. The game further relies on the communication between the server and each agent. On the one hand each player receives relative and noisy input of his virtual sensors (visual, acoustic and physical) and may on the other hand perform some basic commands (like dashing, turning or kicking) in order to influence its environment.

League Awards

Year Team Award Event
2021 CYRUS 1st Place RoboCup 2021
2021 HELIOS2021 2nd Place RoboCup 2021
2021 YuShan2021 3rd Place RoboCup 2021
2019 Fractals2019 1st Place RoboCup 2019
2019 HELIOS2019 2nd Place RoboCup 2019
2019 CYRUS2019 3rd Place RoboCup 2019
2018 HELIOS2018 1st Place RoboCup 2018
2018 CYRUS 2nd Place RoboCup 2018
2018 MT2018 3rd Place RoboCup 2018
2017 HELIOS2017 1st Place RoboCup 2017
2017 FRA-UNIted 2nd Place RoboCup 2017
2017 Oxsy 3rd Place RoboCup 2017
2016 Gliders2016 1st Place RoboCup 2016
2016 HELIOS2016 2nd Place RoboCup 2016
2016 Ri-one 3rd Place RoboCup 2016


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